Why Trust Us

Affordable Dentistry For the Entire Family:
We know dentistry is expensive, yet it is a necessity. Putting off dental care can be disastrous. We accept most PPO insurances, we also have payment plans, and financing available.

Guilt Free:
Our office is a lecture free zone. Time flies fast and before you know it you missed an appointment and then another. There is no need to be embarrassed. We are here when you are ready.

Recommendations in Writing:
You will be provided with a treatment plan estimate. We will help you make the best decision, and determine the # of visits required for your treatment.

We will show you ways of preventing your problems.
We will make sure the job gets done right.


Since 1996 Dr. Sharon Bader has been helping people to have better teeth. She graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. She also completed a certificate in General Dentistry for an additional year of cosmetic dentistry at the University of Michigan. Dr. Bader then worked in public Health in Kentucky and Phoenix Arizona helping to serve low-income populations. She started Lake Pleasant Dentistry in 2006.

Dr. Bader is a caring, skilled practitioner with many years of experience in bread and butter dentistry.

Call (623) 825-5595 to schedule an exam. It can be comprehensive or limited, or it can be to relieve pain, If you just moved here and you need to establish a dentist, we can accommodate you.

There are several ways to alleviate anxiety, Dr. Bader can discuss these with you. Sedation is available for your comfort. We also provide nitrous oxide or laughing gas. Please feel free to discuss your fears and concerns with us.

Dental care is very affordable with Dr. Bader. We will organize your treatment in different phases; first emergencies and pain will be treated, second, any active disease such as cavities or gum disease will be treated, then the corrective phase will be executed to get you back to normal. In all phase we can show you how to use insurance, and payment plan or financing.

You have to decide if a family style, small town feel, Lake Pleasant Dentistry is the right place for you. Dr. Bader offers a relaxed, caring environment.

Reasons to Choose Our Office: